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Marcie V. Brown, MA, CCC-A
Educational Audiologist
About The Hearing Teacher
The Hearing Teacher was originally founded in 1998.  We began by providing listening and spoken language intervention in accordance with the principals of Auditory Verbal Therapy for infants and young children with even severe levels of hearing loss.  We have since expanded to include therapies that are specific for children with various auditory disorders, including auditory processing, learning and reading difficulties.  Our skills as audiologists provide us with a unique understanding of the function of the auditory system.  

The Hearing Teacher is family-owned and operated right here in Southwest Michigan. We are proud to provide a holistic, family centered practice, where parents are introduced to the tools and strategies they need to be their child's best first teacher.
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Marcie Brown is a Certified and Michigan licensed audiologist and a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the Educational Audiology Association, and AG Bell.  She has worked as both a deaf educator and an audiologist for more than 25 years, where she has supervised graduate students, provided clinical services, and offered auditory training therapies for infants, children, and adults with hearing disorders.  She currently provides listening and spoken language therapy for infants and children who are deaf and hard of hearing and auditory training therapy for individuals diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder.  

Ms. Brown earned her undergraduate degree in deaf education from Wayne State University’s School of Education and her master’s degree in audiology from Wayne State University’s Medical School. She is a parent of a child with an auditory processing disorder.  
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