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“Given the technology available today, almost every child with hearing loss can learn to listen, use spoken language effectively, and experience academic achievement..."

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For the first time in the history of educating children with hearing loss, parents have good choices for teaching their children communication skills. With the current technology of sophisticated hearing aids and cochlear implants, nearly every child born today with a hearing loss will be able to hear most, if not all speech sounds. The importance of developing effective listening skills for children with hearing loss can not be underestimated. Research demonstrates a link between the development of listening skills and the development of literacy.  

The Hearing Teacher will work with your child on strengthening listening, language, reading and writing skills important for school success. During a typical session, your student will engage in an auditory perception task, will experience reading comprehension exercises through the Lindamood Bell Visualization & Verbalization program, will read an appropriate level library book and will write in a journal. We additionally will guide you in developing strategies to integrate learning throughout your child’s day.  

Reading, Writing and Listening Therapy 
for Children with Hearing Loss