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Auditory Training for Children with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)

Estimates vary, suggesting that roughly 3-7% of children experience some form of an (central) auditory processing disorder (APD).  In it's simplest form, APD is a 'glitch' in the brain's ability to process or understand sounds and words.  Most children with APD have 'normal hearing'.  They may experience difficulty understanding speech in the presence of competing sounds, such as the hum of the refrigerator, the grinding of a pencil sharpener or a competing  conversation. Recent studies of brain neuroplasticity, indicate that with intensive auditory training, the brain has the ability to change, reorganize, and make new connections in response to auditory stimulation. To be effective, auditory training must be frequent, intense, and challenging.  

At the Hearing Teacher, we provide deficit specific auditory training therapy using approaches designed to retrain the auditory centers of the brain and thus enhance auditory behaviors.  Auditory processing intervention requires a 3-tiered approach.  In addition to auditory training, The Hearing Teacher teaches compensatory strategies that can be used at home and in school and provides recommendations for deficit specific classroom modifications to facilitate classroom learning.    


Auditory Training for Adults with 
Auditory Processing 
Disorders (APD)

​Although it is more common to be diagnosed with a (central) auditory processing disorder as a child, sometimes symptoms develop as we age or result following a stroke or head injury.   
​Symptoms that adults with auditory processing disorders often report include: 

Difficulty following multistep directions
Being a poor speller
Difficulty recalling lists of information, such as a grocery list left at home
Difficulty following conversations with friends and colleagues when more than one person is speaking
Difficulty understanding speech in noise
Difficulty with reading comprehension

Welcome to The Hearing Teacher! 
We provide auditory processing evaluations and deficit specific auditory training for children and adults with diagnosed auditory processing disorders.  Our mission is to provide parents and family members the tools they need to reinforce listening, language, and learning at home and at school.
  • ​Buffalo Model Approach
  • Words in Noise Training
  • Phonemic Training
  • SSP (Safe & Sound Protocol)
  • Interactive Metronome (IM)
  • Listening, language, and academic support for school aged students with cochlear implants and hearing aids
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